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  • I was hacked

    Just a note that I was hacked this morning.

    I was stuck in traffic when I got a call to say I had some very hatefull words across all 5 of my websites. I phoned the support team and was left pretty anoyed that all I got was "I will raise a ticket". I needed instant action to shut down the sites.

    I got to work 35mins later to find that there was no response to the ticket and that the site were still live.

    I have had to manually remove.

    Im really angry as I have been a customer for nearly 6 years now with NOT ONE complaint. But in the last two months I had a security breach wich resulted in my sites being taken offline - without any notice. And now this.

    Support, can you please let me know if my hosting is secure enough to re-enable? I DONT want this to happen again.