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DDoS/Network Problem ?? know what is Packet analysis

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  • DDoS/Network Problem ?? know what is Packet analysis

    Packet analysis, often referred to as packet sniffing or protocol analysis, describes
    the process of capturing and interpreting live data as it flows across a network
    in order to better understand what is happening on that network.

    Packet analysis is a requirement for managing today’s networks, it help's us
    to fight against Network issues, DDOS Attack, Network Slow Downs etc

    Packet analysis is typically performed by a packet sniffer, a tool used to capture
    raw network data going across the wire. Packet analysis can help us understand
    network characteristics, learn who is on a network, determine who or
    what is utilizing available bandwidth, identify peak network usage times,
    identify possible attacks or malicious activity, and find unsecured and
    bloated applications.

    There are various types of packet sniffing programs, including both
    free and commercial ones. Each program is designed with different goals
    in mind. A few of the more popular packet analysis programs are tcpdump
    (a command-line program), OmniPeek, and Wireshark (both GUI-based
    Windows Support Team