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  • Protect WordPress Hosting from Spams

    You can now protect WordPress hosting from spam using preinstalled antispam solution - Akismet
    In order to use Akismet, you should have a WordPress API key. To get a WordPress API key, you have to register it at the official WordPress website. The key will be included in your welcome mail.

    If you already have a registration at, you can see your API key by visiting the WP dashboard.
    Inorder to enable Akismet for your blog, follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Go to your WordPress admin area > Plugins > Installed.

    Step 2. Click Activate.
    The Akismet plugin will be activated.

    Step 3. Click "enter your API key" (you can also click Akismet Configuration in the Plugins section)

    Step 4. Enter your WordPress API key.

    Step 5. Click Update options>>.

    Step 6. If you have entered a correct API key, it will be verified.
    From now on your blog will be protected from spam by Akismet.

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    Akismet is great and while I think about it, I would love to point out the newest copy of wordpress ended up breaking a friends site over the weekend. So anyone that plans to upgrade this week, make a backup first!


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      How does Akismet works? Does it also block spams from real people or only from bots? Can we Akismet in other programs like forums or is it only made for blogs?


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        Its a great application, i too have a great experience with the Akismet , they provide you with the Spam comments as well as there are other ways to protect you are website a bit as i disallow the approve comments to do so.One more point i got at a movement to add in this that make sure that your WordPress script is updated to the latest stable version available on wp websites.


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          Originally posted by shane10 View Post
          make sure that your WordPress script is updated to the latest stable version available on wp websites.
          Usually we forget or avoid to upgrade wordpress version or update plugins we have added for our blog and this could be the main reason for getting your wordpress blog compromised !!
          Many popular wordpress blogs were hacked for not updating their wordpress / pugin versions.
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            I am frustrated of getting spams daily. I have to delete more than 70 spams daily. It is difficult to do this manually. I think all these are Auto comments made using software. Can we not block such automated comments and keep the blog spam-free?