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Hiding whois information

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    Oh wow thanks Hexo,

    I will print this out for future reference, you are fantastic such detail and easy for Me to follow , I will get on with it shortly (late up this morning).

    Yes I think that you are right this topic has gone a fair bit off the main topic, and I agree that maybe it should be moved to a more appropriate place, sorry about that, I should know better ( slap on the back of head).

    But the info is great Hexo.


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      Yes..It's possible to hide your info..You can get the private registration from your hosting provider..After this you can check the whois info.
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        Whois doesn't really have anything that can't be found out fairly easily in other ways. This amazing, technological world we live in costs us some privacy.


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          What other ways? I can't think of any other ways of finding out a website's owner's details than through WhoIs... Well, unless you work for the authorities (Police / Interpol etc.) and are trying to track someone down, in which case you can force a register to give you the information...


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            I just meant that there are all of those people search websites, online white pages, and whatever else is out there. Whois is the only place I know of that lists your information in connection with your website, but the information is out there either way. Obviously, if someone wanted privacy in connection with their website, whois itself would present a problem. But for general ID issues, whois doesn't seem any worse or any better than the other sites.


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              You can get the domain name registration service at here www.whoisxy.comfor reasonable cost......They provide free privacy protection service to you.....