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    I have just had an email from someone saying he found my email on here and is emailing me because I asked about something in this forum.

    How did he get my email? He is using my forum name and states that he found it on WEB HOSTING UK Forum.

    It will be deleted as I do with all spam but don't appreciate unsolicited emails because of this forum or my email address being passed around like this.

    I will pm the details if someone can do something about this.

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    Hi Cassie,

    The only way somebody will be able to access your email is if you've given it out. || VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting


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      Hi Cassie,

      Please PM me details they have forwarded you. If your email address was disclosed in any of the old forum threads then i will get it removed.

      Please be assured from our side, as no one can find your email address from the members area of this forum.
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        I got one as well Cassie but i'm pretty sure they got mine from visiting my website (via link on here) then emilimg me from there