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Website and mail server down for over 3 hours

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  • Website and mail server down for over 3 hours


    If you're a CPanel user, you should check the status of your website.

    Our company website has been down for more than 3 hours now. We have CPanel hosting with Web Hosting UK. There was no advance warning from Web Hosting UK, nor have they posted anything to the forum. I had to find out from a customer, which is not nice. Live Chat have told me that "we are undergoing network issue and our network admin are working on it".

    But why does the company not let its clients know when problems arise, rather than leaving us to find out for ourselves?


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    I totally agree, it's our busiest time and we've been down for nearly 4 hours now.

    No email, no post here although at times one gets caught up concentrating on fixing the problem! Will be interesting to see if they offer anything as goodwill compensation. I work on Networks on a daily basis and a 4 hour down implies something pretty serious....hardware failure, corruption of backup running configs etc to be offline for so long. I hope we get a detailed report.
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      I've talked too about three different people about this on live support, none of them have helped me or told me whats going on.
      The first guy told me several times that the server would be back online "in a few minutes", I asked him every 20 minutes and got the same answer. Then I was told that all issues were fixed, even though I still couldnt access the server the guy was still insisting that everything was working now.

      And it sucks that they havnt bothered to post on here about the server being down, this is the Network Status forum afterall.
      - Jake Orrall


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        The support team are doing their best to get the servers back online. I'm unsure of the situation and I will look into this for you. || VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting


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          A senior admin will be posting a status update shortly.
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            Tonight at 18:41 a power distribution board in our main building tripped taking out approximately few racks. This has now been reset and all racks have been reset. The reason for this failure is unknown at the moment but a full report will be issued within the next 24 hours.