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What do you think about this low security, at Serbia Govement?

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  • What do you think about this low security, at Serbia Govement?

    What u think, about 10 sites of Serbia Goverment, Hacked by Albanian Hackers, and about 400 simply sites, Hacked from ALbanian Hackers, too.

    What you think?

    Low Security? Yes.
    But Hard Hackers? Definitely.

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    i done a mistake, when i was writing.
    moderator change the thread name.
    "What do you think about this low security, at Serbia Govement?"
    change like this.


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      Done as requested

      I think all Governments should be bound to have certain security procedures and only allow access to backend features from certain IP addresses, usually local IP's. || VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting


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        i don't know, what security system, they use, but these Hackers , where they find thus injections.


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          IMO it shows the inefficiency of Serbia government in internet world may be servers hosting their websites are not secured or their must be some programming glitch. Usually hackers love to play with such high authority government sites just for fun or for stealing informative data.
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            Yes, few hackers need the secure data to create disturbance in the Nation while few hack just for fun. When it comes to hackers, they gain much knowledge about networking, security and all other aspects. Now, it's Government's responsibility to make sure that all the necessary information are safe and secure enough. Also, the hosting companies shall sincerely look in the security and safety of the data when it belongs to the Government's website irrespective of the nation.


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              These Hackers didn't hack for any secure information, they just for fun, to play with serbia goverment, becuase we are enemies with serbs. for this


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                Maybe. However, the Government should be well aware of these problems and take proper steps so that these problems are not created as the information of the Government is really confidential and if the information is received by an Enemy then it can create serious problems.