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  • Spam Avalanche Since Switching

    Not too sure if if this is a security issue?

    I've just switched to this company and accordingly have switched my email accounts to their mail servers.

    I've had a website for about 8 years and despite having one or two email links on my pages i have hardly had a problem with spam.

    I'm fairly certain that any spam i do get to my email accounts (over 20) is as a result of posting in forums etc where they display your email address. The main email accounts that i personally use and have never posted in a forum with have never received any spam.

    I have had a deluge every day across all my accounts since joing WHUK. Am i missing any setting i should make within my site interface?.

    Do emails mount up and use my bandwidth to a marked degree?

    If i turn of those mailboxes that are the worst affected, will all the emails being spammed build up on my server space?

    I would just create new accounts if it was a case of forum posts giving my address and being 'roboted'. Hoever, it's just the overnight increase in spam received since switching to WHUK that has me wondering if there is a connection and any future email address with my site url on will get swamped?

    Answers to these question on a postcard please lol.

    Joking aside, i'd be grateful for any info on this.

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    Ok i've been doing some digging and this is widely reported on the web.

    'Spam-friendly' domain registrars named and shamed

    The vast majority of spam (83 per cent) is linked to sites established through ten domain name registrars, according to a new study.

    An analysis of junk mail messages by anti-spam firm Knujon ("no junk" spelled backwards) found that while there are 900 accredited domain name registrars, spammers register their spamvertised domains though only a tiny sample.

    Knujon's study names and shames the registrars who are contributing (unwittingly or not) to the junk mail problem.

    1.XinNet Cyber Information Company Limited
    2.eNom (nooooooooo! this is my new registrar)
    3.Network Solutions (i had these when with Lycos)
    5.Planet Online
    6.Regtime Ltd.
    7.OnlineNIC Inc.
    8.Spot Domain LLC
    9.Wild West Domains
    10.Hichina Web Solutions

    Registrars made the list based on factors including: the number of reported illicit domains registered through a registrar, the number of spam messages associated with those domains, and the percentage of dodgy domains within a registrar's total portfolio.

    Knujon aims to convince registrars to clean up their act and dismantle spam sites. It reckons that registrars appearing on the list are unlikely to be "criminal or evil", but simply lacking in "effective controls and good policy". Registrars may lack adequate abuse staff or awareness of the problem, it adds.

    At least part of the problem is caused by slack or unscrupulous resellers.

    The list published by Knujon marks the second time the anti-spam outfit has looked into the domain registration aspect of the wider junk mail problem.

    Knujon's first list, released in May 2008, also featured
    XinNet at the head of the chart. Beijing Innovative Networks and Joker, second and fourth on the earlier list, were issued breach notices by ICANN. Faced with the warning of having their accreditation pulled, both cleaned up their act.

    Dynamic Dolphin has dropped off the lists following successful lawsuits against notorious spammer Scott Richter. Directi, which charted at number nine last time around but no longer makes Knujon's blacklist, probably made it onto the May list largely because of a contract with EstDomains.

    Only XinNet (top of the chart) and eNom, Inc (up from fifth to second) make both editions of Knujon's list. "Neither company responded to this report, nor did they take verifiable steps to curb the cited abuses," Knujon states. "In the case of XinNet, their numbers were much worse than Beijing Innovative Networks, but for reasons unknown to us they were not issued a breach notice by ICANN even though we recommended it."

    According to the latest figures from Knujon, XinNet harboured 9,346 dodgy domains that threw out an average of 345 spam messages, while eNom was home to 32,610 ropey websites that spewed out an average of 39.7 junk mail messages. (maybe this why i am suffering?)

    Abused domains represent 0.9 per cent of XinNet's portfolio.XinNet stated it tries its best to "suspend all the sites which [are] abused by spammers".
    The Waledec worm reportedly makes exclusive use of domain registered through XinNet, but the Chinese firm failed to explain how it planned to tackle that issue in its response.

    eNom and Spot Domain, two registrars named in the latest edition of the list, both questioned Knujon's methodology and the reliability of its data
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      Email spam

      Just for the record I too am getting avalanched with spam on WHUK.

      Lots of my clients are complaining and many are unable to send email due to the mail getting bounced back as spam.

      Any suggestions WHUK?


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        Originally posted by greyhound View Post
        Just for the record I too am getting avalanched with spam on WHUK.

        Lots of my clients are complaining and many are unable to send email due to the mail getting bounced back as spam.

        Any suggestions WHUK?

        Please let me know the IP of your server. I will ask one of our system administrators to investigate and get this problem sorted for you and your customers.
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          I'd rather not transmit my IP address on a public forum.

          As it standards I have not had that many complaints so I think you must have tightened up your service a little.