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  • Computer problem

    For some reason I can not go to task manager. It will show error "Task manager has been disabled by your administrator"

    After reviewing Microsoft support based on this error, it says to go to Gpedit.msc

    I get error: "This application has failed to start because MSIMG32.dll was not found..."

    I am the only admin and made sure that this file is at system & system32. Still nothing works.. also regedit is not known it says can not find this file. No known viruses or harmful-infected files found (according to AVG) so I really have no idea?

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    Download and install the following

    Download details: Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack

    Then attempt to use the global permissions editor - even though the tools pack says remote admin for server 2003, it still should work. || VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting


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      After the installation, when I attempt to load any of the administrative tools, I get this same MSIMG32.dll error.

      It's pretty bad because I can not seem to open any windows applications. It will show the missing shortcut error. Also can not load time/date, "windows cannot find C:\Windows \system32\rundlll.32.exe

      I really have no idea what has happened..


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        Ok, I've formatted my hard-disk and installed a fresh OS. Everything now seems ok except "Task manager has been disabled by your administrator" and same goes for regedit.

        This occurred as soon as I transferred data from my flash drive. Only documents.. how wierd.

        Can you let me know how I can use global permissions editor please?

        Thanks Dan for your help.


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          Do you have a home edition OS or a professional edition?

          Home edition is usually classed as Windows XP Home, XP Media Center Edition, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business.

          Also any OS' which has been installed by the manufacturer such as Dell creates a separate administrator account.. attempt to use that and then try task manager.
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            I installed professional edition and during the installation, it asked for the admin password.

            I can access task manager and regedit logging in as "administrator" so the case is, other administrators can not access task manager or regedit.

            I had to disable fast user switching and welcome screen so that I can login using the administrator account, then enabled this again and now it's displayed in the welcome screen.

            So the question is, how do I apply the rights for each admin account that is created so that it's the same as the main administrator account?



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              I'm not sure why gpedit is running non-standard permissions from a clean install, I've never seen this before.

              Would it be possible for you to use the default administrator account? This would help you alot as you would have full root access to your computer then?
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                Well there are other admins that use this computer. Anyhow, that will do!
                It was working fine, ever since I transferred files from my USB flash drive to my hard-disk is when problems starting occurring. Just mp3 files, even get "Exception Processing Message c0000013..." error and get this all the time I connect using this USB.

                Thanks for your help, I'll use root admin for now.


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                  Hmm, as I said it's a strange error that I haven't seen within my 6 year experience within the Windows OS.

                  gpedit.msc should be available to all admins.

                  If you need anymore assistance, let me know
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