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  • SING command usage....

    Send ICMP Nasty Garbage (sing)

    RPM for sing command is available.
    You can download it and install RPM on the Linux server.

    The tool will be used for detecting or checking your network security.

    There are many uses of this utility and some are listed below;

    1. Use of sing command to Send ICMP timestamp request messages:

    [[email protected]]# sing -tstamp

    2) You can find out what is host network mask:

    [[email protected]]# sing -mask

    The output will be your host network mask information.

    3) You can run sing command to get output of ping command
    [[email protected]]# sing

    4) To check which operating system remote server or network device is using:

    [[email protected]]# sing -mask -O

    There are many more usages for this utility and you can check man page for further details.