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How to use UrlScan v3.0 for your website on Windows Hosting?

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  • How to use UrlScan v3.0 for your website on Windows Hosting?

    UrlScan v3.0 is a latest security means that checks the HTTP requests that IIS will execute. It blocks certain http requests, which may harm live websites. It scans query strings, the capability to convention tailor rules that scan parts of HTTP requests.

    Lets consider you have hosted on the Windows Server, IIS 6.0, directory location would be ?Drive Path?:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs.

    And also URLScan 3.0 is installed on the Server.
    Follow these steps to get URLScan to function for your website,

    1. You’d need to copy urlscan.dll and urlscan.ini from its installation directory to ?Drive Path?:\inetpub\vhost\\httpdocs.

    2. Now change ?Drive Path?:\inetpub\vhost\\httpdocs \urlscan.ini with filter values needed by website.

    3. Register ?Drive Path?:\inetpub\vhost\\httpdocs \urlscan.dll as its site filter. Then Start >> Run >> inetmgr, here open Computer >> Websites >> >> Properties >> ISAPI Filters tab >> add a new filter and direct the executable to <Drive Path>:\inetpub\vhost\\httpdocs \urlscan.dll.

    4. Need to keep one point in mind, make the UrlScan with the highest priority filter.