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    Originally posted by Cassie View Post
    The problem is sometimes that, through lack of knowledge, or lack of help/information from the hosting company, customers may simply not know that it is 'beyond their control'.

    Sometimes customers may just need to let off steam with others who they hope will understand and sympathize.

    One persons Rant may be another persons Whistle. (showing my age - referring to old fashion kettles !!)
    You are right over there in justifying problem of certain people who run short of knowledge related to Web Hosting. Such people may question with anger as they desperately need help no matter if things are out of scope of their Service Provider.

    I know many people who keep on ranting about BT no matter if their actual problem is with their computer.

    Sometimes we love to blame others when things don't happen as per our likings. When you start benefiting from service of your service provider then you start praising them all the time
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