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    Well well well email arrived in BT Yahoo inbox ater being sent by 'nobody@server. I am astounded, amazed and quite frankly on the verge of crying through sheer joy. What trials and tribulations I have gone through in the past 4 days to finally see a result, and was achieved by Admin's advise to boot! Well done mate.

    Now i just need to receive confirmation Admin. I have switched from smtp because I want to send 400 emails out at once. i am using a cron tab so they will be sent at 3am so I don't hog the resourses. it is a simple text newsletter and probably jst a 'one off'.
    Will that be ok? or do i need to write another script to send 200 at a time?


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      400 is nothing

      Youcan send 400 emails at any time of the day. You need to be concerned only if you are sending more than 2k or 3k newsletters.
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        Thanks Admin. They won't be more than 1K in size. I have set the cron for 3am now so will just leave that as it is.


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          Just an update.

          Sent them all and apart from 20 malformed email addresses, 25 address unknown which were returned to me, there were also 90 AOL emails returned with 540 errors. I guess AOL is going to be a huge problem but I expected as such from them.

          I actually forgot to set up an alt message for mail servers that don't allow html, this was a mistake on my part and I should have done. Think AOL won't allow html.

          If i ever send another at least i know now what I need to work on, but happy 267 of those sent were received.