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  • pdf spam

    Be careful about pdf spam going around, PDFs Can't Always Be Trusted.,130061744,339280788,00.htm

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    Thanks Paul for that info.

    I was getting lots of spam with pdf. I was never tempted to open any and I use Mail Washer to check emails before downloading, but I did think that pdf's were safe - or safer anyway.

    At least I now know that these are spammers and not customers trying to contact me - I can delete them with a clear mind.


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      Thanks Paul for making aware of such spam, one more file type for trashing.
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        I use to get some mails and need to download some some pdf files so I have be careful and I will also tell my staff to be careful about this. Thank you for that search Paul.
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          I have already been a victim of one such spamy trick, but it came as a Microsoft update on my computer. I thought it to be genuine but it was not. I had to format my PC in order to get rid of it.
          Now, I'm always alert to such spam.
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