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  • Hacker Safe Seal

    Can Hacker Safe Seal on site increase the sales and build reliability and trust? For example I find few top sites as below are using such seal;
    Sony (
    Warner Brothers (,
    General Motors (
    Toshiba (
    NBC (

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    I suppose it shows that the site is committed to regular security checks which can't be a bad thing.
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      Have you idea about the price of getting that?
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        I use one


        I have one on my site.

        Sales have increased but I couldn't say it was purly down to that - trafic has also increased and sales / visitor is still about the same.

        What it did do was show me places on my site which were potential security issues - and how to fix them!

        Most importantly they showed me where my host had holes in their server configuration.

        which is how I ended up here - trying to find a new host as they won't close them.

        I'm looking for a host who is certified by scanalert to be hacker safe cos no matter how much work i put into my site if the host isn't dong their part I'm not going to get anywere!

        as to the cost - what I found was that the list price is quite a lot but hosts that are certified usually get you a discount - one host offered 70% off - more than covered the incresed cost of web hosting!

        Hope that helps


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            Harry you're right, if there are qualified and expert System Administrators and server is secured, it is hard to get any site hacked, that means there is no need of such seal. I got my answer.