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cPanel Hotlink Protection - Not working

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  • cPanel Hotlink Protection - Not working


    I have attempted to enable the Hotlink protection through cPanel.

    I have set it up as below:
    Allowed Referers:


    Protected Extensions: jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp
    For some reason the images are still being hotlinked to. For example this test image should not be visible with hotlink protection enabled:

    [ img][/img]
    For some reason it is. I have tried playing around with various settings but hotlinking is still being allowed

    Many thanks for any help in advance.


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    .htaccess generator mentioned by Kevin should be helpful to get this sorted.

    If this doesn't work then open a ticket for our support staff as there might be some settings in apache configuration for your domain which might need modifications.
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      I moved back home to Bristol yesterday and tried viewing the hotlinked image and I couldn't see it.

      When I got back today I cleared all of my Firefox and IE temp files manually (not just using the menu option) and it seems its working.

      So it was a problem my end with cached files not being cleared properly.

      It seems to be working fine now.

      Thanks for the help anyway.