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    I have been using the sample contact form provided by webhostinguk and I have it working apart from the senders email address showing as the sender.
    I can only get the sender to show as "root user" "mydomain" I need to be able to "reply" to sender without copying and pasting the email within the body.
    I have tried to add a "replyto" section within the script but that didn't work.

    Is there anyway to get the senders email address to come in the head or in a replyto?


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    Hi Maggie,

    I would request you to raise a ticket to our technical department at [email protected] and mention the email address through which you are sending the email as well as the script path on the server.

    Thnak you.
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      Should I be able to have the senders email address in the header and not the host details then so I can just hit reply?
      I did contact live chat but they told me to find a PHP script writer.


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        Sorry not sure how to edit. Realised that when I contacted live chat it was about a previous script I had tried not the one supplied by webhosting. Will give support ago and see if I can get this issue resolved.


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          Coding script help please

          Well just when I thought I was getting somewhere I hit a wall.
          The tech guys were testing the form and came up with a suggestion yesterday but what they suggested only enabled the domain name to appear in the email head instead of the word "mailer" which I knew already.

          I wrote back explaining again that I wished to get the senders email address in the head and that I had managed to get the senders email address to be clickable in the body so my client could click that to respond but the email wouldn't have the original meesage included to recive the reply (from another agent) saying

          Thank you for contacting us.
          We are not able to help you regarding the coding issue, for this concern you need to contact your web-developer they will do it for you.
          We can only check server configuration and server side issue.

          So once again can anyone give me any ideas how to get the email address which is entered into the form to be in the head of the email so my clients can just click reply and send the gues a reply, everything I have tried so far has failed.
          This is my script so far. The section in red is clickable within the email message sent so is usable but doesn't really give desiered effect yet.


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            Yes, that's right. Having that kind of form layout needs to be done by your designer and we do not provide support on such issue. If you had issues with sending or receiving emails, then we would have surely helped as its a hosting related issue.

            Please get in touch with your developer to get your get your desired layout working.
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              I am the one trying to design the form hence my asking for help. I was hoping that someone on the forum could help me. Everythin I have tried hasn't worked.
              I used to use the nms formmail but I believe that is not safe and been advised to start using PHP which I have had no experience of hence my cry for help.
              I did find a php formmail that was generic but that also had issues that could not be soted by your team so they gave me the php script I am using at the moment I had hoped that they may have been some support out there somewhere


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