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angled commas make phpmyadmin and MySql unusable

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  • angled commas make phpmyadmin and MySql unusable

    I've got one almighty problem with the phpmyadmin interface. I've tried changing the default collation away from the wierd Latin1_Swedish_ci to a couple of the others but the problem does not go away.


    I notice that when using the phpmyadmin interface all the commas are angled to the left. Now every computer i've used in my life always has the commas pretty much vertical. Be it using word type documents, ftp website editors, Notepad++ etc etc.

    Under no circumstances whatsoever will a single sql query run if i type a (verticle) commma in myself.

    It simply returns '#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near....' Only when i copy and paste an angled comma from elsewhere in the interface does the command run.

    Not only does any typing and scripts i am compiling use vertical commas, I have a whole swathe of php and mysql scripts ready to run as they did with my previous webhost. Strangely enough even though they were based in Sweden i never ever saw any reference to Swedish or Latin 'collations'. Indeed i had never ever seen mention of, or knew what collations were being new to the web. However, the default clearly worked for years with many databases. This phpMyAdmin actually inserts a right load of waffle about Swedish this and Latin that and often inserts a 'CONVERT' section into the query.

    It's impossible to change thousands upon thousands of commas in my perfectly working scripts to angled ones. Again i stress just as horrific is that it means i'd have to keep copying and pasting an angled comma to replace every one of my vertical ones when writing code or queries.

    Does anyone know if it is indeed a case of the default collation USING ANGLED COMMAS? Does anyone know which collation will employ what every computer i've used in my life has used....VERTICAL COMMAS? Is it the Plesk interface setting that uses angled commas?

    I desperately need a solution for this as i could provide so much more for people on my website if i can get my databases up and running as with my previous webhost.
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