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Do I need a dedicated server?

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  • Do I need a dedicated server?


    I am a startup and looking out for a better web hosting solution for my business, it would be great if someone help me out in dealing with the web hosting for my website.

    Thank you

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    When you trust on dedicated Hosting, your whole web occurrence is housed on a dedicated server that you have private control over. The price of this kind of hosting is greater, but for certain businesses it’s the only option that makes sense. Here are four signs that dedicated WordPress hosting might be right for you.

    1.Security Is a Priority
    When you host your website presence on a shared server, you negotiate some of its security. The other sites you share the server space with could open you up to liabilities, whether as of simple abandon and mistake, or through cruel intent. If you handle with sensitive information or simply want to shun the annoyances of a data breach or virus attack, dedicated server hosting might be right for you.

    2. Uptime Is Mandatory
    The performance of other sites’ users can affect your personal sites to go down if you are hosted on a shared server. Something as simple as a script test can harmfully upset everyone else. When you trust on a dedicated server, you have whole control, so you are the only party that can touch your web presence.

    3. Speed Can’t Be Compromised
    Shared servers can expand your load times because you have to rely on common resources. Studies have revealed that Internet users are not eager to wait for a site to load, mainly in the world of ecommerce. If you need to ensure the fastest speeds at all times, dedicated server hosting gives the tools you want.

    4. Customization Counts
    Hosting providers normally put fewer terms and controls on dedicated servers because a single client utilizes the entire resource. If you have unique website hosting needs and need to modify your skills, you are well off relying on your individual dedicated server.
    Are you viewing for a provider that can brace a dedicated server with a spacious suite of managed services? Work with WHUK and realize your options.
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      For the purposes of starting a web hosting business, Dedicated server is the expensive choice among all web hosting types and probably everyone don’t need dedicated hosting.
      Dedicated server is convenient for the big enterprises and huge websites that require dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU power and huge amount of bandwidth.


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        If you're having lots of traffic on your website, you need to be making use dedicated server hosting. This specific hosting provides additional power & control that makes your website faster and more efficient.

        Take a look at following stuff :
        Why Need A Dedicated Server for your business?


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          Targeted visitors handling is the primary reason to go for Dedicated server hosting.

          Therefore until you own a good eCommerce, blog and banking websites and there is a big transaction as well as targeted traffic can there be, it's not necessary just one.