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    My most of the sites are hosted on same IP, should I go for Dedicated Server and separate IP addresses for each of my domains. I am worried this might draw negative SEO effect.

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    IMO You should have a separate IP address for each site. By doing so it reduces lots of technical as well as non technical problems. It is always easy to troubleshot issues as the IP’s are different. Check with your web hosting company what are their charges for separate IP address and are the charges monthly or it’s just a one time charge.
    If the performance of the website is slowing down then that might affect your business. Now the important thing is that if the volume on your website has highly increased and has cause to slow down the response time. I would recommend shifting to Dedicated Server if possible.
    As far as page rank is concerned changing servers won’t affect it as Page Rank completely depends upon quality backlinks.
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      I don't think there would be a problem if your sites are on a shared IP address. In most cases, this doesn't affect your site's rankings. Dedicated IP hosting may be required if you need some sort of special access to your website, like SSL or Anonymous FTP. other than that a shared IP will work fine under most conditions.


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        Google has been giving more importance to content, number of index pages of a website, backlinks and direct incoming links, age of domain and basic optimization of titles and navigation only.

        I have seen more than 10 websites of similar business model hosted on same shared IP and that never made problems for any of those websites. I really dont know from where the concept of hosting websites on different Class C network originated.
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          That make sense to me. Thanks Admin!


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            The IP address can be same ,so there is no problem with that but i think if you switch on to a dedicated server it will be more easy to handle your stuff as you will have total control over the server.
            It is also a good investment in a lot of ways as one can improve the returns as well as the overheads may come down in certain cases. The site uptime is also not affected much with dedicated server hosting as compared to other server options.
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