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Which is Best Linux or Windows?

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  • Which is Best Linux or Windows?

    I want to know which server is best- Windows or Linux?

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    You must have noticed the majority of the hosting plans are equipped with the options of Windows and Linux servers. Both in their respective hosting domains are powerful allowing you to build strong websites by implementing any of the technologies. As a user, you need must choose the server that best suits the dependency for building your website.

    Considering Linux, it is free and open-source software based on Unix. It is immensely popular having a large community of developers who work on these applications to fix the security patches along with updates. Besides, Linux is highly stable as it allows you to work without any hindrance. It barely requires any kind of rebooting and is available across various distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat and Fedora. In case you are looking to build your website using MySQL, PHP, Perl or Python, then you should definitely go for Linux-based servers.

    In case of an event where your website is building by the means of MSSQL, MS ACCESS then you should look for Windows servers, as the above-mentioned technologies are not supported by Linux.

    Using Microsoft technologies, it is not possible for you to migrate from Windows to Linux. Though the reverse is true and this doesn't affect the performance of your website. Windows is an expensive option as compared to Linux and all the Microsoft products have a license fee.

    You need to have a clear understanding that operating doesn't really matter and all it depends on the necessities of your websites.


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      People usually get confused while choosing Windows and Linux as a Host operating system. In reality, Linux proves to be more beneficial than Windows.

      Here is why you should choose Linux over Windows:

      1. Linux being an OpenSource platform is free of cost while windows is not.

      2. Linux is much reliable than Windows. It has built in security, which updates the users with minor and major changes from time to time.

      3. Linux systems consume fewer system resources like RAM, disk space, etc. than Windows.

      4. Linux makes use of OpenSource software, which are available free while Windows has large set of commercial software.

      5. Linux is non-vulnerable to malware attacks while Windows is popular for being vulnerable to malware, Trojans, and viruses.