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How to Configure Linux Hosting Server?

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  • How to Configure Linux Hosting Server?

    I am looking to migrate to a Linux hosting server? So, can you
    help me with the configuration details of the same?

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    The basic prerequisites for configuring a Linux server for hosting a website includes-

    1. Apache webserver for serving the web pages

    2. An FTP server that is important for the users to upload their content and lastly,

    3. A DNS server for resolving the domain names for enabling a URL that is entered on your browser for pointing your web server and responding back with the correct pages

    You need to use the HTTP configuration tool > Click on Virtual Hosts and then configure your default settings and then > then configure your default virtual host. If you require more than one URL, then you can add more number of virtual hosts. Just configure the settings present under the Server tab and then configure the performance tuning tab. Copy all your necessary files to the Document Root and cgi-bin directives. Quit from the settings menu and save your settings.

    An Apache server can be configured for running as a host for a single website or even can be configured to multiple domains.This could be carried out by using two approaches-

    1. As a virtual host with a single IP address hosting multiple domains or a "Name-based" virtual hosting

    2. Multiple IP-based virtual hosts or individual IP address for every domain that is an "IP-based" virtual hosting
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      Originally posted by winkibili
      I have an old computer with ubuntu server installed on and run some game servers on it (minecraft lol). I am interested in making my own website just for lols. Does anyone know a good tutorial for this sort of thing on linux?

      Hello friend, here you can find . They ate an elephant on this, as for minecraft, servers, and how he is friends on other OSes, they will tell you exactly