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Who would require a dedicated IP address?

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  • Who would require a dedicated IP address?

    I wanted to know more about dedicated IP address and how it can be beneficial for my website.

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    An IP or Internet Protocol address refers to every server that has got Internet access and can be located by other servers present in the network. It is a unique address and can be shared by several users, similar to the inhabitants of the same house that have the common postal address.

    There is a dedicated IP address, which is solely meant for just one owner. You need a dedicated IP address for your purposes and one of the key advantages of it is that it is completely unaffected by another site that is present on the same server, though with a different IP address. In case the other site happens to be a spammer and is blacklisted, then your site remains unaffected by its malignancy.

    If your website carries out transactions and you need an SSL certificate, then I believe the dedicated IP address would be the choice for you, as every e-commerce site needs an SSL certificate for secure transactions. This, in return, gives you secure connections too!