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    I am looking forward for a 64-bit server operating system. For the operating system I am considering Ubuntu server edition we are considering ubuntu which is a great Desktop operating system, but can anyone suggest me how would be thier server platform?
    As per my knowledge Ubuntu is based on Debian so I guess it has the same speed as Debian. Correct me if i am wrong.

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    Hi Lee,

    IMO you can go with the Debian Operating System over Ubuntu Operating system. However the Debian os are much more popular with in the web developers and designers. Usually the preference are for gaming servers. I would like to add one more point to this which, client opt Debian due to the stability of the entire system.
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      On the other hand if you do a default install of both the operating system at same single physical machine. You will definatly feel that Ubuntu as is much faster due to less services selected at boot time on a default install.


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        I have used Ubuntu server edition from past few months and my experience say that the Ubuntu server edition is the server version, which rely only on one command line, and includes server particular packages in place of desktop components. On the other hand Linux is completely different than the Windows oprating systme which is in that case there are not various levels of functionality between the desktop and server edition. Alternatively each list is just a starting point.


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          Ubuntu is one of the most efficient 64-bit operating system; it contains various impressive features. Along with having an impressive and user-friendly interface, it is also safe to use. Using Ubuntu is easier than using any other operating systems as it gives access to many applications. Moreover the control panel provided by Ubuntu comprises of tools that can be used to change the network settings or desktop backgrounds. Mainly the user-friendly interface has made Ubuntu one of the preferred choices of people.
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