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    When I do a trace route to my dedicated server it shows a domain not owned or hosted by me, but it has my ip address at the side of it. Is this normal to see this kind of thing, also I am unable to access my server from my local ip, it's the same for a hand full of my users.
    If I do a trace route from my local ip it fails at the point it normally shows someone else domain with my ip.
    If I use a proxy then trace route it completes showing my ip with someone else's domain.

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    The plot thickens, I was browsing my server via SSH and all of a sudden I was looking at someone else's directory listing.


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      I have updated your issue to our senior admin, you will get a response on this soon,
      Thanks for your patience.
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        A trace route records the amount of time it takes to connect to the website/server from your local machine. It also traces the path taken from your local machine to the server.

        In order to perform a trace route on a Windows machine, please follow these steps:

        1. On your local machine, open a command prompt from Start –> Run –> type cmd and enter.
        2. Within the prompt, type tracert

        In order to perform a trace route on a Mac, please follow these steps:

        1. On your local machine, double click the hard drive icon.
        2. Open the Applications folder.
        3. Open the Utilities folder.
        4. Open Network Utility.
        5. Select the Trace route tab.
        6. Enter the domain name or IP address of your dedicated server and click Trace.
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          i was trying for my mac to trace route couldn't do it thank you for sharing the info
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