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  • Website upgrade

    When my hosting account runs out, sometime next year, would it be possible to upgrade my account but keep the contents on the server (the website) and email address setup, without the need to upload everything again ?

    I've been very happy with everything once the email hosting problem was solved.

    The only slight problem that I've has is that, even though my mother has subscribed to all the adverts/information that eBay send, she never receives any communication for some reason. She also never received any confirmations when trying to change the email address when I originally moved here...

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    Hello Nicholas,

    We will surely migrate all the contents from your existing Hosting plan onto the upgraded hosting plan that you choose. And this migration will contain all the data including emails as well. And untill and unless we receive a confirmation from your side about the data being intact on the new upgraded hosting plan and untill everything starts working fine from the new upgraded server plan , we shall not be terminating the old hosting account.

    Please feel free to get back to us if you still have any queries.



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      Thanks for that - there is a long while to go yet (6 months), so I'll get back to you near the time!