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  • Dedicated server offers ?


    I am currently a reseller account customer im wishing to upgrade to a dedicated server do you have any special offers, Im looking at your WHUK - E4500 but seems a little overpriced considering the specification.

    I can go else thats not a problem but i have been happy with your company so just asking if you can do any offers.

    I would need cpanel on it so that brings the total to 99 per month i can get a better spec one from other companys for 25 less and they also come with 4,000 GB of bw not 2,500 GB they are also fully managed like yours and are Dell branded which im guessing yours are also.

    If you could get back to me ASAP i would be grateful dont forget about the credit crunch

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    Hello Kevin,

    Firstly, to Webhosting UK community board.

    Thats great to know that you are planning to upgrade your web hosting package to dedicated server as you are one of our loyal customer we can offer you good discount on WebHosting UK - E4500 server, I will ask our sales manager to get back to you with good discount No worries Kevin…

    Enjoy your stay
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      Thanks Harry i will look forward to the sales department reply


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        Thanks for your consideration for signing up for a Dedicated Server Hosting plan with us, as a token of appreciation we would like to offer you 5% discount on any
        server configuration you choose.


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          That's great Kevin, you are being offered 5% discount on any server configuration.

          Here's an for you. Try to go with Annual Billing Cycle. That would help you getting 2 months free hosting + 5% discount.

          If not WHUK, I have noticed, offers 1 month free hosting on semi-annual sign up. So you can enjoy 1 month free hosting + 5% discount. Grab this offer!


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            I think you should consider the Annual or Semi-annual billing cycle as you will be able to save a good amount with this deal. You are getting 2 months Free and 1 month Free on Annual and Semi-annual billing cycle respectively. And as you are getting 5% discount on the total price of the server, you will save a lot of money. I think you should go for this deal asap.


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              This is still over priced for the spec.

              If your willing to do it for 80 per month you have a deal.

              With cPanel included.


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                We can not offer you the server with cPanel for 80 per month because it would be like offering the cPanel control panel for free. Usually we offer only 5% discount on dedicated servers but as you are our existing client so we have offered you 5% discount.

                Let me know if you wish to proceed.


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                  Originally posted by k3v1n123 View Post
                  This is still over priced for the spec.

                  If your willing to do it for 80 per month you have a deal.

                  With cPanel included.
                  Hi Kevin,

                  We are making loss on cpanel licenses as we need to pay in USD and current situation of GBP against USD has made things difficult for us from last couple of months.

                  Don't consider some unreliable hosting company just to save 10. It can cost you 100 or maybe 1000 if things go wrong with them.
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                    By switching to another host you would surely save few pounds but you might lose your comfort. I hope your past experience with us will help you in taking the right decision.


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                      Originally posted by Nanadan
                      It seems that the dedicated server in Europe are far cheaper than China dedicated server.

                      The cheapest one in China which I looked for is from XXXXXXXX who quoted as below:
                      Very true Nanadan. UK servers have moderate prices as compared to the other hosting providers around the world. However one needs to make a note of the Quality of the servers and the network as well. Bandwidth is worth more than gold in UK. Please note that cheap services are largely associated with cheap results.
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                        Originally posted by Dave123
                        By looking through the forums it does pay to stick with WebhostingUK
                        Yeah, Webhosting UK is better if you are looking for affordable hosting and quick support !!