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Organisational SSL installation.

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  • Organisational SSL installation.

    How fast can you install a Organisational SSL certificate if i order it rightaway?
    I recall it needs some extra validations, if 'yes' what are they?

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    It all depends on how fast and accurate information you provide about your organisation to the SSL vendor. Once you place order and make the payment the SSL certificate provider will verify all the details you provided while placing the order for the SSL.
    It may take around 8-10 business working days for the setup of an Organisation SSL.


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      Could you please confirm what all info is required to set up this SSL cert.
      I look forward to your response ..


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        Following information is required to process the Organisational SSL

        Domain name for which SSL needs to be issued : ( OR )
        - Country (2 letter abbreviation):
        - Address (postal address):
        - State:
        - City:
        - Zip/Postal Code:
        - Company Name:
        - Business/Company Directory ID:
        - Company Division:
        - Email:
        - Password:

        Your company’s existence is verified through third party databases and your company documentation. Vetting department of SSL authority will check your company details and Domains. OrganizationSSL Certificates ensure a high level of customer trust as your company name and address are included within the Certificate itself.


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          Thankyou for the vital info Kevin



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            For one of my clients it took almost a month for having a working Organisational SSL we then decided to change the host itself
            Yes, you need to provide the most accurate and latest information of your organisation else the verification process may take ages to complete !