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No outgoing email for almost a week

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  • No outgoing email for almost a week

    I've been unable to get my outgoing mails working through my pop server. If I log into your webmail, and send something, most of them are bouncing. Your servers were
    blacklisted, why can you not fix this ?

    I would like to get it addressed asap or else arrange for a refund. It's unacceptable to me at all.

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    Hello Jake,

    After your initial query raised with us over the Live chat, we tried looking for the issue. The emails on the server are working fine, I have created a test email account called [as stated in the pm.] and tried sending emails to our test Gmail, Hotmail and a couple of other accounts. And I'm glad to say the those went fine and reached the desired destinations. Furthermore, I've even tried replying to the same emails and those went through well too. You might want to consider checking the inbox of the test email address for the same.

    Though I do understand that you are facing an issue with emails, therefore requesting you to please let us know the exact error that you see while sending the emails.

    Wrt. blacklisting, the servers IP address is not listed on any spam blocking agencies including CISCO where it's shown a neutral reputation. Fyi. we've cross checked the same in :


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      I was unable to connect to the outgoing servers. I had to use another company for that. Everything worked fine on the outgoing side until you were put on a black list. You moved my account to another Server and I was never able to connect again.


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        Dear Jake,

        As requested to you in my last response, if you could please help us with the error message or email header files, we may be able to understand the issue in a better way hence be able to troubleshoot the issue.

        As of now all I can see is that the emails are working fine over the server.

        I look forward to your response.