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Effects on website speed with DNS and web hosting managed by different companies

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  • Effects on website speed with DNS and web hosting managed by different companies

    Hello there,

    As the subject goes, I'm looking forward to separating the DNS and web hosting to be managed by different providers. But before I go about implementing it, I'd like to know if there'd by a drop in the site speeds.

    The reason I wanted to go about doing it is because I want to have multiple domains under a single account, while hosting them with different web hosting providers.

    Any help in this regards would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks !

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    to the forum !

    I assume currently you have all the domains hosted under one hosting account. To move each domain/site to another host server will require the process of migration. You may seek assistance from the new hosting provider for migration or get it done yourself. You'll need to change the DNS of each and every domain after migrating to the new host server, this will result in downtime of the domains/sites for 24-48 hours until the new DNS propagate all over the internet.

    Well, it's always preferred to keep the domains and hosting/s under one roof as it helps in avoiding confusion and dealing with multiple hosts.

    Please think of the option of Dedicated IP's if you've decided to move out to multiple hosts in search of different IP's for SEO purpose.


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      Hi Connor,

      What you are asking can certainly be done. But make sure you have checked latency of the hosting providers, where in you are willing to host your domains.
      If there is difference in network performance, you will surely see the difference in your websites performances.

      Also take care that you do not experiment this on any of your live/business websites