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    You all seem to think I only come on here to complain - well you are usually right. But I do always give the tech sup plenty of time to get things sorted before I come on here - which is usually only done due to mounting frustration. I come on to let off steam and get help where tech sup have failed.

    I am very sorry but today is no different - again I am completely frustrated by web hosting uk tech sup - this time chat - namely Paul and Alfred.

    As you probably know, I had to move to Windows servers from Linux because they stopped FP Ext without telling us. I had to get used to a whole new Control Panel and way of doing my emails. Then they stopped the Catchall address on the Windows Servers (but not Linux) without telling us - they suggested I move back to Linux which now CAN have FP Ext. But it took weeks to get the sites and emails sorted after changing last time and I don't feel well enough for that amount of stress again yet.

    Now the IMAP service within the Horde Webmail has expired - how can a presumably professional company let this sort of thing expire - haven't they got a calender?

    Without IMAP I cannot access any of the folders in my email accounts. This means I cannot access any of my back-up orders which I use all the time when I am away from the office.

    I asked chat at 5pm on Saturday how long before they got the subscription back - Paul told me 5 or 6 hours and he would email me when it was done. When I finished work and went to bed at 1am it was still not working but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But Sunday morning came and went and still no email from Paul and I still couldn't access my emails.

    At 1pm on Sunday Alfred said it would take 7 to 8 hours and he would email me when it was done OR if it was going to take longer than 8 hours. Well its now almost 2 hours after that deadline and still no email from Alfred at tech sup and still no access to folders. Both of the Chat Operators obviously just said anything to get me off the line - that is not good customer service. A tee-shirt will not make up for any of these lapses.

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    IMAP License upgradation has been done as well as IMAP Service is working fine on the dedicated server where your account is hosted. I'd request you to check the functioning of the same on your account.


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      Thanks Alfred - better very late than never - but I would have prefered the promised email.