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How to create FTP for addon domain

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  • How to create FTP for addon domain

    I have added an addon domain in my cpanel for reselling purpose and I want to create an ftp account for it. How to do this ?

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    create FTP account for addon domain


    Inside your Cpanel go to >> "FTP Accounts".

    Now, simply create an FTP account with the same name as your already existing subdomain for this addon domain.

    Example: If your subdomain is ""

    create an account with the username "ftpuser"

    Enter the new details into your FTP program on your local computer as follows:

    FTP Address: or server IP
    Username/Login: [email protected]
    Password: The password you've chosen for this account.

    Hope this Will Help


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      Hello Jaazmine,

      while adding an FTP account for your Addon Domain what you are supposed to do is create a simple FTP account and set its Home Directory path as the Document Root of your Adon Domain. The box"Directory" , determines which will be the home directory of the newly created account.

      The FTP account will have the privilege to access only the home directory folder ( which you set up while setting up an FTP account ) and all the sub folders and files within.

      If you find this confusing to make it simple I'd suggest you login to cPanel and click on the Icon Addon Domain. This Icon is present under Domains section.

      Here you can get to know the Document Root for your Addon Domain.. just not it down and while Adding the FTP account insert this path in "Directory" Section..!