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Basics of Reseller Hosting

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    Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account holder has the ability to use their allotted space on the hard disk and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties hosting c parties.Reseller is when you buy server space, the market itself and sell to their customers. Since you are selling a service provided by another person, it is extremely important that you can trust your supplier.
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      Reseller hosting provides with a scalable web hosting business opportunity. As more customers sign up for your hosting, as as they start consuming more hosting resources, all you have to do is contact the customer support of your website hosting company and upgrade the resources. Upgrading the servers is quite a task, and there is no need for you to handle it with a good website hosting company.


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        If you desire to setup your web hosting company, various factors have to be considered. In terms of a web hosting company, the most essential aspect is taking care of customer issues and providing with prompt service. If you start a web hosting business through reseller hosting, you get access to the best of hosting resources and the web hosting company also provides with end user support and server monitoring. This saves a lot of time for concentrating on the business and growing it.


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          In the case of reseller hosting, the reseller might rent out his dedicated server from a hosting provider or even resell his shared services. In case of reselling the shared services, the reseller is granted permission to sell out an amount of disk space along with the bandwidth to his own customers without renting out a server from the provider used for their reselling account. The reseller purchases the host's service and then sells it to his customers. It is a form of hosting, where the account owner has the liability to use his or her provided hard drive space and bandwidth for hosting websites on behalf of any third-party.

          Benefits of Reseller Hosting

          1. Complete Control Over Resources:
          With Reseller Hosting, you can easily create your hosting plans to resell and must not need to go anywhere else for the support.

          2. Excellent Tools:
          Reseller Hosting account is equipped with new technologies tools that multiply your task and divide the task consuming time.

          3. World-Class Support:
          Reseller Hosting providers give full support at every hosting step to optimize the top-notch resources that boost up the website.

          4. Reliability:
          Reliability is considered as the most crucial aspect in every sector that the resellers can accommodate with adequate resources to help against reliability issues.

          5. Account upgrades:
          The Reseller Hosting provides easy up-gradation of services as per website requirements without paying extra charges such as bandwidth and disk storage.

          In case you want a reliable and trusted Reseller Hosting, feel free to contact WHUK today for an unmatched hosting experience.