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trying to delete addon and getting error...

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  • trying to delete addon and getting error...


    I'm trying to delete domain wa**** which is added as addon domain in wa**** and getting error "Sorry, you do not control the domain wa****".

    Can someone please look into this matter? Just incase you need the server details, please pm. me.


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    Dear Rodney,

    The DNS zone of this addon domain wa**** was missing over the server, for that reason it was throwing the error while trying to delete it. We've re-added the DNS zone of this domain before trying to delete it. We were able to delete it without a problem. Requesting you to kind check and confirm the same.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Standing by to assist.


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      The problem is still there as i am now getting the error for adding the addon domain also. the error got is as under

      Ran adminbin Cpanel/hooks/addondomain::addaddondomain

      Also i am getting the mails from google that some file permissions or dns problem may be responsible for
      crawl errors.

      I am again requesting you again to check my server thoroughly and investigate the root cause of issues.


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        Dear Rodney,

        You are using nginx and this is well known issue with NginxCP in a cpanel server and it's most probably due to an incompatibility with the latest cPanel update. This error is caused due to custom hooks enabled in /usr/local/cpanel/hooks. You need to contact nginxcp support.

        Please check nginxcp forums or you may refer to Nginx Admin Forums - here was a problem creating the sub-domain: Ran adminbin Cpanel/hooks/subdomain::adds.

        Please feel free to get back to us.


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          I approached the support of ngnixcp. They told me to uninstall the old version and install the new 4.5 version.
          I have done the same as per installation and uninstallation steps.But i am able to still see the old version in my whm.

          I shall be obliged if you kindly install it from your end and one important thing they told me to keep a cronjob for cleanup of ngnix.

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            Hello Rodney,

            After the discussion we had over Live Chat, the issues related to the Nginx Admin is resolved. The server has been updated with the desired version already and its working fine now. Also the issues related to the hostname, name servers and slow website loading have been sorted too.

            Please let us know if you need further assistance in this regards. We'd be glad to assist.