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How to create subaccounts in cPanel?

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  • How to create subaccounts in cPanel?

    May I know the process of cfreating subaccounts in cpanel?

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    Its very easy.
    Just follow the steps:
    1. Log in to cPanel.
    2. In preferences, click User Manager.
    3. Select the Add User button.
    4. After entering into the User Manager, fill in the basic information like Full name, Username, Domain, Contact Email Address.
    5. Choose a strong password. Select any one option out of two in Security Information depending on who will set the password.
    6. If you select the first option, the user will set the password. In the second option, you will have to set the password. It is recommended to use the cPanel tool to generate one
    7. Selecting the second option will ask to generate the password.
    8. Next comes services such as Email, FTP, Web Disk as given below, there is a slide button to enable or disable them. Set the quotas for these and select the Home Directory where it is to be saved.
    9. And then finally hit the Create button. Next to it, there is another button to create and add another User. And Cancel if you don’t want to save it due to any reasons.
    10. Your account will be created.


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      What is the difference between subaccounts and subdomains?


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        Does each subdomain has its own cPanel account?


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          Each subdomain can have separate cPanel account.