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How to use cPanel Spam Filtering?

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  • How to use cPanel Spam Filtering?

    May I know how to use cPanel spam filtering.

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    Sure, Follow the steps:
    1. Log in to your cPanel.
    2. Scroll down to the Email section.
    3. Click the Email Filters icon.
    4. The Email Filters screen appears.
    5. In the Filters by Users section, find the email address you want to filter and click the Manage Filters link.
    6. The Edit Filters for the email address screen appears.


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      What is a Global mail Filter?


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        How to create the SPAM filter?


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          Spam filters detect and sort unwanted emails, often known as spam, before deleting them.
          Follow the steps:
          1. Navigate to the email section and select Spam Filters.
          2. Check whether Apache SpamAssassin is enabled. If it is not, click Enable Apache SpamAssassin using the toggle switch to turn it on (). You can confirm the settings by viewing the message below the on/off toggle switch to confirm if this is turned on or off and should read something similar to this:
          Apache SpamAssassin is enabled. This will mark suspicious email messages as spam. The server will update the header of new messages whose calculated spam score exceeds the Spam Threshold Score (5).