If you are trying to change the cPanel password from cPanel >> Preferences >> Change password it might give you the following error

There was an error manipulating the password file. This generally means you entered your old password incorrectly.

You might deal this problem even though the old password requested is entered properly.
This problem is basically due to improper permissions assigned for the file /usr/bin/passwd.

To solve this problem I have found a very simple tweak.

To sort this you will have to login to root via shell.

Check the permissions for the file /usr/bin/passwd.

[[email protected] ~]# ll /usr/bin/passwd
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 23624 Feb 12 19:12 /usr/bin/passwd
Now change the permission of this file to 4511.

[[email protected] ~]# chmod 4511 /usr/bin/passwd
Now check the changed permissions.

[[email protected] ~]# ll /usr/bin/passwd
-r-s--x--x 1 root root 23624 Mar 1 05:01 /usr/bin/passwd
Once done now try changing the password via cPanel again. It should not issue any error now.