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Is Softaculous Hosting safe ?

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  • Is Softaculous Hosting safe ?

    Which Auto installer do you use ?
    I came accross
    It claims to have 138 scripts.
    Do all these actually work ?
    Is it worth installing ?

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    With so many scripts to download, Softaculous seems to be a nice auto-installer, however, the most preferred Auto-installer until now has been Fantastico which offers a wide variety of scripts which can be installed with a few simple clicks.

    The other Auto-installer which is gaining popularity these days is Installatron which offers excellent features.


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      We are liking Softaculous hosting from what it appears.
      But have you used it ?
      I just want to know its stable or not.


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        I haven't used Softculous until now but it seems that it's a good auto-installer and have read some good reviews about it. I would recommend you to try it yourself and check if it works for you. If it's fine, you can continue with it, otherwise, you can choose Fantastico or Installatron


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          When compared to Fantastico, Softaculous has more regularly updated versions of the supported scripts. Fantastico takes more time in comparison to make available the most recent versions of the scripts is supports.


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            I can not count the number of times I have contacted Fantastico on my own behalf, not my current host just to get them to update things that I tend to use a great deal. For me I am fully in agreement with Alexis here, you just can not beat quick updates for scripts that are taken care of in the right way (tested before released to users).


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              We use Fantastico, Softalicious and Installatron for our clients. Yes we get a little doubling up on avalible applications, but you can't beat having so much to offer.

              In regards to the question you posed in your thread topic though, Softalicious is as safe as any other code out there. You have to remember that no PHP code is 100% secure. There will ALWAYS be some exploit or another out there.

              That being said, yes. Softalicious is safe, but you also have to take into consideration the scripts that are being offered THROUGH softalicious. Are THEY safe?


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                We use Fantastico, Softalicious for our clients. I feel its great tool... In some case even better than Fantastico

                Softalicious for me is great Auto Installer having 144 great scripts, including WordPress , to set up your web site...!

                Till now I have't experianced any safty issue... Niether with Softalicious tool nor with any of scripts offered by it !!!!
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