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    How does it work the mail accounts when in overquote?

    I setup my mail account with a limit of 10mb for testing purposes, and as soon as the limit is reached no more emails are received.

    This would be normal. But theres no email alert telling me that account is in overquota. Neither for myself (mail owner) nor the sender. This way nobody knows whats going on and emails are lost.

    Shouldnt this work in a different way?

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    In that case, senders receive bounced-back messages saying the mailbox is full.

    With the latest cPanel release you will see an option as-
    "Send notifications to your contact email address when one of your email accounts approaches or is over quota."
    This can be enabled right from cPanel -Update Contact Info option. However, to access this feature please make sure the cPanel theme is set to X3.

    Feel free to post if you need any help -Thanks!


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      I have checked that option, and it was enabled. So my conclusion is that it aint working.


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        It seems its now working. I received alert emails some 48h after the overquota really happens.


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          Great... finally you received email alert not sure why it took such long time though !!!
          Our tech support staff will help you to know the exact reason for such delayed notification.
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            The extreme limit assigned will be the quota assigned for the email account.
            Linux Support Department