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Plesk not showing bandwidth usage

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  • Plesk not showing bandwidth usage

    Any ideas why my plesk control panel is not showing bandwidth used for the domains?

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    Hello David,

    I see that your vps has six domains, out of which two were added in the past couple of days. Owing to this, there are no hits because of which statistics for these two domains are not available.

    There are three other domains out of which one was added on Nov 27, 2008 and two were added on Dec 3, 2008. This is why statistics are available for these three domains. The sixth domain still does not have any page on it, it just displays the Plesk default page which is why there are no hits for it as well.

    Hope this explains it. I still have ran a stats update on the VPS just to see if any hits have been received at all on the newly added websites.
    Best Regards,
    System Administrator