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How Cloud Computing is Beneficial for eCommerce?

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  • How Cloud Computing is Beneficial for eCommerce?

    In 2015, userís spending on cloud and cloud applications were $180 billion, E-commerce industry being the largest contributor. Leading ecommerce players have started adopting cloud computing and are excelling than their competitors. So, what are the existing trends? Letís review top 5 benefits of cloud computing for ecommerce industry
    Dealing during peak time

    One of the most important capabilities of cloud is ďscalabilityĒ. The enterprise can deal with increased activity and more visits in a dynamic way.
    Substantial Cost Reduction

    Cloud computing follows pay as you go (PAYG) principle whereby users pay only for the resources consumed. Cloud dependent solutions are economical compared to deploying and maintaining on premise server systems.
    Competitive Market

    Cloud solutions are flexible resources that by and large organizations of all sizes can afford as it functions on subscription based simulations. Owing to its economic stability, smaller enterprises can compete with larger enterprises.
    Easy Retrieval

    A system failure, flaws in the software or hardware or a sudden power disruption can adversely affect the performance of your servers. However, if you have adopted cloud hosting, system failure or physical damages wonít disrupt the routine operations of your business.
    Strong Accessibility

    With cloud hosting, important business data can be accessed easily from any standard web browser. You donít have to bear the additional cost associated to set up equipment for on premise system.

    Cloud computing offers numerous benefits to the ecommerce. The cost saving in infrastructure, the reliability of a stable platform and the speed of building ecommerce website are the prime benefits of the cloud server.

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    yes cloud hosting is beneficial for eCommerce as it comes with all the features that are mentioned above which will help an online store to run successfully over the web.


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      It is important that IT decision makers understand the importance of cloud hosting and make a move to cloud hosting for better results. eCommerce sector is one such sector which has benefited a lot from cloud hosting. Since, it is cost effective, more and more organisations are making this move and adopting cloud hosting. Even small organisations and start ups are adopting cloud hosting as it is effective, efficient and substantial enabling IT decision makers and CIOs to concentrate more in core business activities.


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