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Cloud hosting or VPS hosting for eCommerce website

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  • Cloud hosting or VPS hosting for eCommerce website


    I have an online shopping website. Right now it is on shared server this year I am planning to change hosting plan, but I am bit confused in VPS and Cloud server. It would be great if someone suggest me a proper solution for my shopping site.

    Thank you

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    VPS is analogous to a Cloud Server. It works from a distinct hardware node and local storage normally; the cloud server controls from a cluster and cloud storage typically. The Cloud Server give great availability and more protected data as it is uses various replicas in real-time in place of raid.


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      Yes, you can host your eCommerce over a cloud server. And it would be an inexpensive option as well because of pay-as-you-go billing model. And cloud gives you high availability and it is much more secure


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        You can opt for a cloud server. In online shopping, trust is everything. Therefore, one should have a secure web hosting solution for their business where cloud certainly fits the bill


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          Cloud would be the best buy according to me, as you don't have to worry about the data loss and downtime.
          It offers 100% uptime because of the technology. Traditional VPS's are set up on a standalone node unlike cloud cluster.

          If your cost is your primary concern, then VPS with SAS drive should be the best fit.

          Hope this helps ..


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            I would prefer to go for Cloud hosting. It is cost effective unlike VPS hosting which is a bit expensive. Cloud hosting gives you all the benefits you need for an ecommerce website and you pay only for the resources consumed.