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Hybrid Cloud Challenges and Concerns

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  • Hybrid Cloud Challenges and Concerns

    Has anyone move to a hybrid cloud solution or planning to move on it?
    What are the challenges and concerns with implementing a hybrid cloud?

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    Major concern will be security on the Hybrid cloud, but private cloud solution cloud have an alternative approach for small businesses.
    Look here:
    Preparing For The Private Cloud Move
    Essential Factors For Incorporating A Private Cloud In Your Organization


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      Hybrid cloud might not be perfect; it still includes a few security problems.
      As you analyze both business and technical hurdles, keep these few hybrid cloud security issues in mind.
      • Lack of data redundancy
      • Security management
      • Compliance
      • Risk management
      • Poorly constructed SLAs


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        It is predicted that 2016 is the year of Hybrid cloud as more and more organisations are going to shift to hybrid cloud. However, there are certain challenges that organisations are facing. Some of the common challenges are with respect to account management and billing, resource provisioning and to some extent are the security issues.