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  • Colocation or Cloud

    Hi Team,

    I am currently using cloud hosting services for my ecommerce business. But as I can read at a couple of websites, some businesses have started moving towards colocation as it seems to be quite helpful in expanding the business. I want to know when is the right time to switch to colocation services?

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    Hello Angelina,

    Welcome to the forum first of all.

    Well, the Cloud and Colocation are two entirely different concepts of hosting. Where the Cloud is enabled by virtualization and involves a cluster of servers connect together in a network, whereas Colocation involves colocation of hardware infrastructure which is owned by you to a datacenter facility.

    I'm not really sure about what you mean by expanding business, but one thing is for sure, both the solutions can very well support the growing needs of a business. If you could please specify the needs of business we'd be in a better position to suggest an appropriate solution.

    Looking forward to your response.



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      Hi Stan,

      What I mean by expanding businesses is growing the resources. What if my data is growing rapidly, can I expand the storage space? Also, you need to purchase own equipments and manage them on your own so, it might be quite expensive.