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Clustered vs Private cloud for a faster website

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  • Clustered vs Private cloud for a faster website

    I am aware of the fact that a clustered server setup proves beneficial for a large website, especially if the organization is based on multiple locations. This helps in making the website faster and thereby improvising on SEO as the website quickly responds to the search engine bots requests. I am doing everything that it takes to secure a good position in the search engines, therefore knowing more on this count is important for me.

    Currently I have my website hosted on a powerful server however I am considering switching the web hosting platform and thereby itís SQL, PHP and image serving to a clustered setup or a private cloud setup. I want my pages to load quickly and preferably the average page load time must be 25.

    I am aware of the capabilities of the cloud and I am also aware of the fact that this is a worthwhile investment of my website. It would be great if I can get some suggestions about, which hosting package would be beneficial for me from the search engine optimization point of view. Should I consider a clustered public cloud or a private cloud?

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    It all depends on your requirements and of course the budget. Private cloud will be an expensive option compared to other options. A fast loading website help in SEO hence you can also consider a standalone dedicated server which can also be your option.


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      I think both are good to use for faster loading website. But i think you have use clustered cloud server that reliable, stable to use and its cheaper that other option. It is available in your budget.


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        It’s true that opting for either a clustered cloud setup or a private cloud depends on the requirements of the website. A clustered cloud setup is great for businesses. A managed cloud hosting platform consists of many servers. Therefore, one server is always available to take the load so that smooth functioning of the website and uptime is ensured. One of the most crucial aspects of cloud web hosting is the delivery of faster web pages. It significantly contributes in terms of improvising on the cloud hosting speed by distributing the resources efficiently and effectively, this improves the overall user experience.