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Suggestion about three template sites pages

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  • Suggestion about three template sites pages

    The most important thing is the idea behind each template.Every business has different business model and they need different kind of templates even if they are in the same niche.
    Any how i have three pages of my site and we have made some changes in the design and the structure as well .I need suggestion about my home page Website Templates and two other pages are these CSS Templates , Joomla Templates.

    I need constructive discussion here on my all three pages.I would not mind it , you can criticize this in any way whether it is for design , content or structure.

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    Great job! The home page looks nice and professional. Everything is right in its place. I don't really like the grey color you use as the background color though.


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      Yes, that's a cool website. I particularly like the font you use for the website header. The dot above the 'i' is nice. But the image doesn't impress me that much.


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        It is important to share your knowledge and experience, as the use of brainstorming is appropriate in many situations.


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