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  • TMTG - A Musical Theatre Group Website

    Over the summer I taught myself php. This is the first site I've put together with my new found skills.

    Thornbury Musical Theatre Group (TMTG) is a long established and successful group with a high reputation in amateur theatre. We perform typically 3 shows a year at the Armstrong Hall, starting with a traditional pantomime in the February half term, followed by a concert or review in June and culminating with a main show at the end of October.

    Its fairly basic but then a large proportion of the target audience only has very basic knowledge and ability with computers.

    While I'm fixing all the php and other problems that are currently on the site I am also developing the next version of the site. The next version will use fully the oop functionality of php. The idea is to have a fully modular, generic, customisable site that any amature theatre groups can use. Hopefully this time next year I'll have the first version of this, phpThea.

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    Good work, I would like to suggest to add a mailing list on your home page through which people can subscribe for occasional news about forthcoming shows and events, also you can add Theater/Musical Review section where you can post review of earlier performance.
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      At the first go I think you have done a pretty good job with your skills but there are still areas where you can do better to give the site a more professional touch which also makes the visitor attracted to the site more.

      A website which is visually more attractive is bound to make the visitors glued to it for a bit longer than normal before the visitor finds something more interesting to be on the site which is useful to them.
      So one needs to make a site attractive as well as informative on the specific theme the site is based upon.
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        Really well done Dave and double kudos to you for learning PHP and hand-coding the site. Thank goodness more people don't take the time to learn a new skill otherwise poor hackers like me would be out of a job

        I really like the look of the site as well. The buttons in the menu aren't my cup of tea but that's a purely personal thing. Other than that I think the site looks clean and fresh with a great colour scheme. Did you do the logo as well - its very effective.

        Paul's idea about a mailing list is a good one though.
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