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  • Image Optimization

    For a great web design it is important to keep the image size to the minimum. This is also an important part of making your website more impressive and ensuring that it loads faster. If the image is properly compressed and optimized, it can be synchronized in the web pages properly and the quality of the image can also be maintained.

    Some important factors of image optimization:
    • Name your images properly
    • Optimize the alt tags appropriately
    • Reduce the file size of the images
    • Incorporate image site maps
    • Do anchor tagging

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    I agree with you thanks for sharing useful information. Many successful companies using more images on websites because images are help to understand anything easily and it's not take much time as compared to read content. Images are also helpful for better SEO.
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      Images definitely increase the readability whether it is about website content or a blog post / article. Images have become an important part of search engine optimization. We also see a lot of prominent image bookmarking websites coming up. The most popular one is Pinterest. However, in order to get complete benefit from image optimization, it is important to avoid image duplication. You have to work on customizing the images so that they become more relevant to the content.


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        Someone has rightly said, "Images speak louder than words", which goes well even over the web world. The right kind of images not only tend to attract the attention of the visitors but also improves the readability. Even incase of on-page optimization, special attention is given to the selection of images, its size, colors etc. Call-to-action protocols by means of images is something which is fast emerging these days, and it's observed that many online stores have seen some positive changes in on-site conversions.

        All-in-all, images indeed play a key role, if they are optimized for the search engines then you've the scope for a better exposure even in the search engine space.


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          I use an online tool to compress the size of images before I upload them to my website. I love having images in all pages of my website because they add so much color to my site. I do optimize them so that I can rank my site high in the search engine results.