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creating website ads in PowerPoint

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  • creating website ads in PowerPoint

    I read an article with a reference to creating website ads using PowerPoint. I am not currently a PowerPoint user, but am interested in various ways in which I could create ads that minimize file size of the page. Does anyone have any experience with PowerPoint and website ads?

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    If your main objective is to keep the file size of each web page as small as possible, JPEG or JPG ads can be compressed to relatively small sizes.


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      PowerPoint is a great presentation software to creating website ads. You may try through this.
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        Powerpoint presentations have the .pps extension, as far as I know. I've never heard of inserting .pps files as ads on a website. Maybe it can be done. If someone knows how to do this, please share, as I am curious about this issue too...


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          If you want to present anything regarding any important topic then you can do it by using powerpoint presentation. Using powerpoint you can create effective presentation slideshow for your business purpose or college level presentation etc.