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Hand Coding or WYSIWIG?

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  • Hand Coding or WYSIWIG?

    For those of you who have hand coded your websites and used a WYSIWIG editor, which do you prefer? If you've only hand coded or used a WYSIWIG, why have you chosen to stay with that method of website design.

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    As far as I know, most of the users prefer hand coding as it's easy to build the website using it and the chances of errors are minimal. Also, it's easy to make the changes later if the coding is done manually and it gives a lot of confidence to the developer if the coding is done properly without the use of WYSIWIG editor.


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      I suppose it's only a matter of preference. I'm not good with hand coding, and I prefer WYSIWYG coding with Dreamweaver. I don't get many errors, and the results are pretty nice.


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        Hand coding has always been my preference. A WYWISIG editor would make the job easier initially. However, when one needs to make changes to the website, it would likely be far more difficult.